Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do with all the kids art?

I'm excited to show you a fun project that has been on my list for a long time!  
But...let me first share with you one of my quirks that has made this project kind of a big deal to me.  We all have certain things that we must have a certain way right?  We're all a little weird about SOMETHING (I hope : )  Well this is one of mine.  My fridge cannot have stuff on it.  It makes me crazy!  You won't see wedding announcements, birthday cards, appointment reminders, or precious works of art by the little artists who live here.  I know, it's kind of weird!  Refrigerators are like the most central part of a home, making them excellent to stick all that stuff to; but I can't do it!  All that's on there are these fun alphabet magnets that somehow create a perfect balance in my world of clean fridge-ness!
This is how it looks all the time!  (Except when someone changes the message.)  You can see there is stuff on the one side, which is great and helpful, and tolerated by my quirk : )
So because I'm weird, my poor children don't get to plaster their art all over the beloved fridge.  I had to come up with another way to display their many projects and pictures.  (And there are many!!!)  
 Here was plan A:

Hmmm... Not so special.  Are we all thinking the same thing?  THIS doesn't drive you crazy but some paper on the front of your fridge does?  Quirks don't always make sense, right?
Here is Plan B:

This is a wall in our garage, right by the door.  I found this awesome butcher paper at Hobby Lobby (see my other uses for it here and here) and covered the unpainted wall to make a pretty backdrop. I just used a staple gun to put the paper up.   Then I took all the piles and pinned the best projects up for display.  We recycled the rest : ).
 It's pretty full so we'll need to switch things out here and there as more art comes in.  I've got to say, this is one of may FAVORITE projects ever!  It makes me so happy to see all the girls fun art every day as we come and go.  It has been the perfect solution for us!  Kids love to show their work and we as parents love to see it!  (And my refrigerator stays clean: )  I'll leave you with some of my favorites and one before and after shot, just for fun!

Thanks for coming by!!

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