Monday, December 10, 2012

Quick and easy "JOY" banner

I'm convinced a banner makes any decorated space look 10 times better.  To me, it makes it look like all that stuff was put there on purpose.  I created this backdrop using a big roll of patterned butcher paper from Hobby Lobby.  I just taped it onto a big piece of cardboard.  I used it as a backdrop for some pictures and actually stuck up on the piano to keep it away from the kids.  But..... then I kind of liked it there.  I had it up for my Halloween ghosts, with a banner of course, check that out here.  Needless to say, my faux wood backdrop is still there, but with a Christmas banner.
 This was so easy to make!  It is burlap triangles, paper lace doilies from the
 Dollar Store cut in half, string, and scraps of lace.
Once the burlap and doilies are cut, layer the doily under the burlap triangle, 
then find the biggest needle you can and sew it all together.

My JOY letters are from a pack of address stickers from Lowes.  EASY!
I grabbed some scrap lace and tied strips in between each piece, and some 
around the candle.  I also added a couple burlap flowers.

This is our only Nativity and I love it!  It was a gift from my husbands grandparents the first Christmas we were married.  It is detailed and beautiful and my kids know they are not allowed to touch it.   There is actually a piece of burlap in the stable at the back and with the rustic woodsy look of the Nativity, it was just meant to be coupled with wood and burlap (and lace?!)

Merry Christmas!

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  1. adorable! i love it. burlap also makes everything look better:)


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