Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Student Desk Makeovers

I'm developing an obsession with old school items; desks, maps, globes, old student chairs, chalkboard anything!  I found these student desks in great working order at a surplus auction site.  They were $2 a piece!  (I have since seen a few at thrift stores too.) I wanted to cover the tops with something awesome, so after lots of searching....
Here's the quick and easy process:
1. Clean with a good degreaser.
 2. Paint the edges (optional:)  Or let the 4 year old paint the edges (also optional: ), in her nice clothes because somehow it seems easier to buy new clothes that take 1 minute for her to change.  (We were lucky with this one-no clothing casualties.)
2b.  Please forgive my photography skills, she's obviously the fastest painter ever.  So it was nearly impossible to get a good shot with her in action : )

3. Mod podge the top and place chosen paper carefully.  Use a credit card or something similar to press out any bubbles.  This was the trickiest part.  Let that dry and then flip it upside down to cut away the overhang.
4.  Sand all the edges to get the perfect fit!

5. Finish with 2-3 coats of Mod podge.  This part was scary on the first one because it bubbled all over while the Mod podge was wet.  This is the biggest thing I have Mod podged so I didn't know or forgot it did that.  But don't worry!  It lays flat and smooth once it's dry.  Just as a precaution though I was totally using a rolling pin to smooth it out when it was dry to the touch.  I don't know if that was necessary : )

See?!  Nice and smooth! 
I really want to buy a whole pile of desks just to try all kinds of re-do's.  Paint, stencils, chalkboard paint, photos, kids art, wrapping paper (so many cute ones out there.)   I'd also like to use them as nightstands, sofa tables, grouped together for a big art station.  Too much?  Probably!
For now my 3 oldest each have their own homework station, and we are loving them! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Printed burlap pillow

This is my new favorite craft discovery!  Printing onto burlap right from my home printer! 
Simply cut the burlap and a piece of freezer paper to 8.5 x 11, iron the burlap to the freezer paper and run through your printer.  Pull off the freezer paper and it's ready to use.  The design I did here was for my sister's bridal shower gift.   I made this into a pillow.

First  measure and cut the fabrics according to the pillow size you want, then lay them out to see how it will look (remember a seam allowance when measuring):
Then sew two of the sides onto the burlap piece:
Then sew the remaining two sides:
Then onto the back.  To make an envelope opening,  cut two pieces of fabric the same height as the front of the pillow, but about 4 inches longer in width:
 Hem the two edges that overlap.  Lay them on top of the pillow front, right sides together and lining up the edges.  Pin in place:
Sew around all four sides. Turn right side out and it's ready for the pillow insert.  Mine is 16x16 inch pillow.

Ta-da!  Seriously this was a quick and fun project!  I've got to make a couple for me now!

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