Monday, November 12, 2012

Printed burlap pillow

This is my new favorite craft discovery!  Printing onto burlap right from my home printer! 
Simply cut the burlap and a piece of freezer paper to 8.5 x 11, iron the burlap to the freezer paper and run through your printer.  Pull off the freezer paper and it's ready to use.  The design I did here was for my sister's bridal shower gift.   I made this into a pillow.

First  measure and cut the fabrics according to the pillow size you want, then lay them out to see how it will look (remember a seam allowance when measuring):
Then sew two of the sides onto the burlap piece:
Then sew the remaining two sides:
Then onto the back.  To make an envelope opening,  cut two pieces of fabric the same height as the front of the pillow, but about 4 inches longer in width:
 Hem the two edges that overlap.  Lay them on top of the pillow front, right sides together and lining up the edges.  Pin in place:
Sew around all four sides. Turn right side out and it's ready for the pillow insert.  Mine is 16x16 inch pillow.

Ta-da!  Seriously this was a quick and fun project!  I've got to make a couple for me now!

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