Monday, December 17, 2012

CHRISTmas ornaments and easy glitter ornaments

I bought these ornaments on sale at Michaels last year but didn't come up with anything I wanted to do with them until this year.  They are plastic!  No glass ornaments around here : )  I have seen lots of cute ways to use these on Pinterest.  Let me show you the two ways I came up with!

 In an effort to remember the reason for the season, I decided to shrink a picture of 
Christ and place one in the ornament to hang on our tree.  
 Then I made a few to give as gifts for my Activity Day girls.  
 First I put a little Kosher salt in each ornament, it looks like snow!
Then I put a piece of white tulle in to hold the picture in the floating position.
Last I rolled my little pictures (roll so the front side of the picture faces out,)  and used 
tweezers to get the picture in the ornament with the tulle behind it.  
Tweezers are a must to place the picture just right!
I tied another piece of white tulle to the top added a tree hook and that was it!  
I really like how they turned out!

These next ones came about from my daughter wanting to make a gift for her grandma's.   We needed it to be pretty easy, preferably with stuff on hand, and of course cute.  We decided to try glue dots and glitter.  Why not?   I'm sure it's been done, but we thought we were pretty clever!  
 They worked perfectly!  I stuck some glue dots on, she poured and pressed glitter onto each dot and that's it!  She loved it and they turned out really cute!
For some other fun ideas check out this post from Ginger Snap Crafts!

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  1. I want to be like Mel when I grow up......ha ha another wonderful idea as usual!!


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