Thursday, December 13, 2012

DIY Santa bags

        I made these bags to leave out on Christmas Eve for Santa to put our girls presents in.  This saves loads of time and wrapping paper and time spent using wrapping paper!  They are the simplest sewing  project ever!  I used fleece, so there is no hemming, or fraying. 
 Plus it's inexpensive and soft!  
 I made them pretty big, 3ft. by about 2 1/2 ft.  I stuffed these with blankets for the picture.  The green one has 3 blankets in it!  The red one has 1 blanket, 2 Snuggies, and 2 throw pillows!  Big, yes!  They will hold big presents or multiple presents.   To make them I simply sewed 2 pieces of fleece together along 3 sides.  Then turned them right side out.  To make it even simpler I just had the fabric store cut the fleece in 1 yard increments (3 feet!)  
I made one for each girl and stitched their initial on their bag.  Nothing fancy here, I hand drew the letter straight onto some white felt, cut it out and hand stitched it on with embroidery floss
Definitely not perfect, but still cute : )
My girls are so excited to leave these out Christmas Eve!  I feel like wrapped gifts are so magical and exciting under the tree, but there is something magical about an empty bag at night and a full bag in the morning too!  
I hope you're feeling ready for Christmas!  I am not yet!  As far as shopping goes anyway; the magic and fun and family of Christmas is here of course: )  My cute 4 year old said "Christmas is about love huh mom."  "YES!"  I said proudly.  Then she said, "well, love and PRESENTS!"  I still said yes, we like to give presents to show our love.  Kids are cute : )

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