Thursday, December 6, 2012

Peppermint Christmas!

Peppermints and candy canes are one of my favorite Christmas icons to decorate with.  I have managed to get my own Christmas tree to decorate however I want! For the past couple years it has been peppermint themed!
 I wanted something with big impact for the tree, but small impact on my wallet : )  So I came up with these big peppermints made from felt.  I actually made these a couple years ago for a garland, so I don't have step by step pictures; but they are easy and I have the peppermint pattern you can download!   These are made just like a pillow.

NO SEW Giant Peppermints:
1. Trace the pattern to make 2 white felt circles.
2.  Trace and cut the red felt pieces.  You'll need 8 red pieces per peppermint (front and back.)
3.  Hot glue (or fabric glue, or sew if you choose,) the red swirly pieces to the circles.
4.  Place the 2 circles right sides together and hot glue (or fabric glue, or sew) the edges together leaving a small opening to stuff with batting.
5.  Turn right side out, fill with batting and glue or sew opening shut.
6. Use clear cellophane to wrap the candy and tie the ends with some ribbon.  

 I also made these giant lollipops and added them to the tree.   I just took some styrofoam circles and painted different candy designs on each one.  I used a ruler and pencil to draw my design first, then added the paint.  I thought the Styrofoam was really easy to paint.  Then I hot glued a wood dowel into the circle, wrapped each one in clear cellophane, and tied some ribbon to secure it.  
I tucked pieces of red tulle into the tree and have some glittery red and silver ornaments on it.  I would have candy canes all over it too, but they don't last with my little ones : )   The little Santa suit ornaments are my newest - I couldn't pass them up!

I hope you're having a great Holiday Season so far!

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