Thursday, January 17, 2013

Giant Masonite Chalkboard

We have this great central wall in our kitchen but it's right next to the doorway into the laundry/mud room.   At the end of the laundry room is our pantry.  The garage door is also just on the other side of this doorway,  and there's a door into the backyard across from that.   So we go in and out of that room too often to keep this door shut.  However, when it's open it covers this great kitchen wall space.

 A pocket door would be perfect here, but would be a more expensive project than I want.  I finally just took the door off and put up the chalkboard I've been picturing there for months!
 I took a large piece of Masonite we had sitting in our garage and painted it with chalkboard paint.  I did 3 coats.  With the help of my sweet husband, we screwed it right to the wall.  Masonite is inexpensive and pretty light!  It can also be moved if I choose in the future.  I added the cute chicken wire magazine rack for the daily mail, coupons and now the top one is just for grocery, menu, and recipes on my two week menu.

  I'm happy to report all my dreams have come true with this wall!   A huge chalkboard is so fun in the kitchen, with endless uses really!  The magazine rack filled with papers is not the prettiest, but this is real life after all; and there are so many papers that come and go right?  This helps keep them off the counter anyway : )
Here's a few shots of what's been on our chalkboard over the past month.  (We have 4 out of 6 birthdays in Dec. and Jan.)

(Leftover night!  That was my funny husband;  he's actually great about whatever might be for dinner : )

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  1. Good idea to just take the door off. I feel like I want to do that in my whole house! ha ha. Thanks for sharing!


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