Thursday, January 3, 2013

It's a new year!

With a new year ahead, what do we do?  New Years Resolutions!  It's the time of year when all exercise equipment, DVDs, programs, and diet foods are on sale and heavily marketed.  Gyms are crowded in January.  Storage bins and all storage related items are on sale.  We're all excited about the changes we are going to make!  I actually love it!    I'll admit,  I get a little over zealous and feel ready to conquer it all!  My list of goals is pretty lengthy.  I imagine we share some of these goals.
In 2013:
I'm going to do better at reading to my littlest girls.
I'm going to finally master meal planning!!!!  (for real!!)
I'm going to be an excellent budgeter (not a word apparently,
 a person who is good at budgeting  : )
I'm going to finally trim my baby belly down.
I'm going to stick to my cleaning schedule.
I'm going to be more grateful, less grumpy, and more optimistic!
I'm going to unload the dishwasher every morning right after the girls leave for school and Jay leaves for work so that I can put the dishes in as we dirty them and they don't pile up all day long and make me dread the night time chores more and more as the day goes on. 
 (that's a long one, dishes are my worst!!)
I'm going to do better at all the night time stuff, like baths and teeth and stories.  By do better I mean try to enjoy it more because I know it won't last forever!  (I tend to rush through it all in a hurried, tired, less nice mom kind of way...)
Are you still with me?
These are just few of the many great changes I plan to make!  A little overwhelming?  Probably.  All good goals?  Definitely.   Will I master them all?  Most likely not.  Does that mean I've already blown my 'be more optimistic' goal?  I hope not.  I think distinguishing between realistic and optimistic is okay with goal setting. 
As I have thought more about all these wonderful things I'm wanting to conquer I decided I would put some reminders up around our house for all of us.  Something simple, but powerful, and something that would help us all realize we can do it!  Whatever it is, we can do it; even just a little at a time.  I made these little printable quotes by Gordon B. Hinckley.  It's perfect!  

You can download your favorite by clicking on the color under each one!

There are times when my sweet girls feel frustrated about something they think they just can't do.  I think of this quote and remind them too.  We just try to do a little better.   Then of course when I lose my patience, or don't read to my kids for a week, or eat freezer foods for dinner 3 nights in a row, or forget to wash that shirt someone really needed; I remind myself of this quote.  It's simple, but powerful!  I think these words will help me make little changes that will slowly amount to big changes.  I hope maybe it can help you too as we start our new year!

(For personal use only please : )

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