Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hot glue gun stand

This is one my favorite "Ohhhh"  tips.  You know, the kind of tip that makes you shake your head, roll your eyes and maybe even slap your palm to your forehead when you hear it?  This is like craft life changing!  At least it was for me!  Maybe I'm the last one to figure this out : ) 

When using your glue gun, set it on a silicone heat pad!

That's it!  The glue peels right off it, it's heat resistant, AND flexible for easy storage.  Did you just shake your head, roll your eyes or slap your palm to your forehead? (Because it's so craft life changing or because you've known this for years?!  ha ha ; )

Check out my glue gun stand before I learned this little tip:

That glue was permanent on the plate and my glue gun would tip over all the time.  See why this was such awesome news to me?  And look at that glue gun-it is very well used and loved : )

I hope you are having a healthy and happy January!  We've had our share of sickness around here!  Man, I'm craving some warm weather-can't wait for SPRING!!

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  1. That's a good idea for the glue gun drips!! I had to tell you that I used to have that same dinnerware. I enjoyed all the colors in it. I might have kept a few of the the big platter plate...good for pizza! Ha! Anyway, I enjoyed seeing the brought back memories! Thanks. Blessings. :)


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