Thursday, February 7, 2013

Felt roses and a Valentine frame for easy decor

I wanted something red to put on my candlestick for Valentines day.  So I made this little felt rosette ball that fit perfectly.  Bust out your hot glue gun and that felt from the basement and this project is done in like 30 minutes!  (Remember how these glass blocks were THE craft to make a few years ago?  Yeah, I still put mine you have one too??: )
Tennis balls!  Who knew?  I will admit I don't remember the prices exactly, but I went to get some Stryrofoam balls one day and they were kind of pricey!  A 3 pack of tennis balls was only $3 or $4, and worked great for this project!


This other project was even easier!  Raid your frame stash and paper stash and 
pick up some $.97 glitter hearts at Walmart:

The glitter hearts even came with the little sticky strip!  Bonus!!  I think it turned out pretty cute : ) 

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