Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine Love

Every year I just keep it low key for Valentines Day...until the day before.  Then I decide I should do loads of wonderful treats and surprises for the ones I love most.  Being the day before however, time is not on my side.  Here's what I came up with!

Who doesn't have the staples for Rice krispie treats in the pantry at all times?  (Okay, I didn't...I had to make a run to the store for marshmallows)  Still, basic enough for my plans.  The Rice Krispie Hershey Kiss was super easy.  Take a ball of the mixture, while it's still warmish.
 Mold it the best you can into that Hershey kiss shape.  This step is much easier with slightly wet hands.
 Wrap it it plastic wrap to keep it from getting dry and hard and less yummy.
 Then wrap it in aluminum foil.  I found it was easiest to wrap one whole side, then the other.  Then fold the rest under; all the while shaping and smooshing to your liking.
 Add a little tag of loving words,
 then hide it and sneak it into husbands lunch on Valentines Day!
For the kids heart rice krispie treats I just used a muffin tin I have in heart shapes, but it would be easy to hand mold hearts for this too.  I added some red hots into the little bag, tied it with ribbon and added a note.  I hid these and will slip them into the kids lunches.   Just enough for me to be so excited for the day of love!

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