Monday, February 6, 2012

Love potion

 I found this love potion label in October on my hunt for apothecary labels and I knew it would make its way into my Valentine decor.  (Check out for the label, it's from her Halloween apothecary labels.)
  I simply filled a fun jar with water and red food coloring then glued the love potion label onto the bottle.  I added a little lace to the top.  I think it turned out pretty fun! 
These are the glasses from my Junior prom.  I haven't been able to part with them because it was my first date with my sweet hubby.  (ooohh...cute)  However, they are not something I want on permanent display so I get them out for Valentines Day.  Add some red hots, and a vase with ribbon and call it my Valentine Decor!

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