Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Halloween apothecary jars

Over the past few years, creepy Apothecary jars have become a favorite of mine for Halloween!  They are cheap and easy and kids love the gross factor!  I did my entry Witch themed, perfect for some potion ingredients!
These jars are from thrift stores.  The Frog Bones are just Chinese Noodles!

Here's my kitchen Apothecary jars:

These are regular jars from whatever I have in my pantry.  (Olive oil, Tapatio) Any jar works!  The brown bottles are from some fancy Root Beer.  I think they are perfect!  There are quite a few free printables out there, I chose to use these from kmckaydesigns.

Here's a few jars from last year:                   

Billy Bob teeth from the Dollar Store

Rubber eyeball bouncy balls
Severed fingers from the Dollar store

  Adding colored water gives the items a more realistic look.  I was tempted to not use the severed fingers because they almost looked too real, super creepy.  I always let my girls color the water to their liking.  They love it!  As you can see, this year I took the creepy factor down a couple notches. 

 Happy Halloween!


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