Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kids easel makeover

This easel needed a small makeover.  The chalk side didn't really work anymore.  The other side was a whiteboard and pretty scratched.  I'm not a big fan of whiteboard for kids,  markers are always risky and used in places they are not supposed to be used; or the markers just get lost, ruined, or dried out.  I decided on chalkboard for both sides.
 I was not sure if painting over whiteboard would work, but good news:
Whiteboard can be painted!
Step 1:  Clean really well with a de-greaser.
Step 2:  Sand with 80 grit sandpaper to really rough it up.
Step 3:  Tape it off.
Step 4:  Prime!
Step 5:  Paint with chalkboard paint, two coats.
To break the fresh chalkboard in, color over the whole thing with the side of some chalk:
 Then erase and let the kids at it!  We've used this for a yard sale sign and at my sisters wedding.  My girls also use it for their summer lemonade stands, playing school, and just doodling. Our easel is as good as new!

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