Thursday, March 29, 2012

New lists to write! (the wedding planning kind: )

My gorgeous little sister got engaged about a month ago!  I'm so excited for all that this entails; a fabulous new addition to our family, life-long love and happiness for my sister....and lots of fun planning for the wedding and reception festivities!  Being the list-maker that I am, I have created a 3 ring binder filled with lists.  "To do" lists, timeline lists, idea lists, candy lists, stuff we have lists, stuff we want lists, budget lists.....oh the lists!  Rather than taking pictures of the list (heartbreaking right?)  I put together this little teaser board with some basics we've got going.
 Color scheme:  Gray, yellow, and teal; best colors ever probably : )  She wants vintage, shabby chic all around (so up my alley-we're totally sisters!)  We're doing old crates, old windows, pearls, lace, burlap, barn, awesome old trucks, all things vintage and shabby.  We have access to the truck you see just the tail end of- and it's the most awesome old truck in the world!  Color, shape, amount of oldness, seriously best truck ever!  I've got dibs to buy it if my neighbors son ever goes to sell.  I could probably become the most demanded photographer in the whole state just because of my prop truck......
Basically, I probably have an unhealthy obsession with it; but fortunately so does my sister; and so it's going to have a place at the reception!  Needless to say, this is pretty fun stuff for me, playing wedding planner and designer and all  : )
I'll keep you posted as we move things along!

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